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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One more week...and two more winners

One More Week...and Two More Winners
Congratulations to Sandey Daltrey from Winner, South Dakota (could her town have anything to do with her winning? Hmm....), and Janet Kinsella from Parker, Colorado. I will give away one more leather art portfolio this week, and then another at the launch party.

One more week until the release of THE ART OF KEEPING SECRETS. I have spent the past Memorial weekend enjoying the sun and the kids (my husband and boys caught more fish than I can possibly cook over the next month -- picture soon!!). My teenage daughter finished her exams and slept more than I thought humanly possible. Meanwhile, although I was in my favorite place in the world (Daufuskie Island), I hit the usual pre-tour angst -- what to speak about at luncheons, what to wear, if anyone will read or like my novel, if anyone will even show up (see, there are negatives and positives to a wild imagination).

I also spent more than the alloted time thinking about a question that Don O'Briant asked me in an AJC interview. I'm not usually stumped by question, but this time I was. He asked me, "What does storytelling do for you?". I began to answer him with my usual answer for "Why do you write?", and then I realized the subtle difference between "what does it do?" and "why do you do it". I hope to have an answer soon...

I look so forward to the launch party next week (okay, so I look forward to any party). If you are anywhere near Atlanta (Norcross, to be specific), COME! Meg Reggie (PR extraordinaire) has garnered more door prizes than I could dream about (jewelry, my friends, jewelry). See the Appearance link for more details.

Until next week...and another winner.


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