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Monday, June 9, 2008


I started off the week with a full pat-down by at the airport.
My earrings made the security alarm go off and I received, as an added bonus to standing in line for an hour, a full pat-down. I'm quite sure I looked like a terrorist in my lime green shirt and white pants.
Things improved dramatically after this -- how could they not, right?
I arrived in beautiful Vero Beach to discover that my sister (a Delta flight attendant)had arranged to have a lay over close by. So I got to see her..
AND I had lunch with my favorite Vero Beach ladies....
Cynthia Grabenbauer--from the gorgeous Vero Beach Book Center, Ann Taylor, and Willi Miller -- from NPR radio.
Cynthia -- as usual -- put on a great event tonight and I met the most wonderful people.
Ah, if only the rest of the week goes so well(minus the pat-down of course)


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