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Friday, June 6, 2008

Names and such

As I have been driving through these small South Carolina and Georgia coastal towns, I've been thinking a lot about names and what they mean. And I've made two observations (below). They aren't very academic observations and they're probably wrong -- but they're mine.
1. I think our ancestors were tired when they finally got around to naming the streets. They must have used all their creativity in their beautiful houses and land as all the towns have the same street names: Bay St, Ocean Blvd, River St., etc... Obviously running along the bay, the river and the ocean. Then the side streets are descriptive also. Seven Mile Street, for example (I almost drove down it to clock the miles, but I was late). Or Shooting Range Drive (wonder what's on that road?)
2. Then secondly, I believe that when they named their churches, they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so they used ALL the ideas that were put into the suggestion box and combined them into one name. See below.


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