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Monday, August 18, 2008


I just finished speaking, signing and participating in panels at the Dahlonega Book Festival. In a week and a half the Decatur Book Festival is upon us --Labor Day weekend. So at the family dinner table we're talking about our hectic schedules when my oldest asks, Why do you do these festivals?" (Note roll of the eyes, huff of the breath) Teenage code for why aren't you here driving me to all my social events and making sure I have clean clothes?"

I didn't need to think long to answer her, although she wasn't inclined to hear my thought-out response, so maybe you want to know "why" I do these festivals....

#10. It means I'm not doing car pool.

#9. Books everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

#8. Readings -- I adore hearing other authors read their work. This can only make my work better.

#7. Laughter. There is always so much laughter.

#6. Nobody asks me "where is the ______." (insert here whatever the family can't find at the moment -- ranging from baseball uniforms to food.)

#5. Every once in a while readers sidle up to my signing table to tell me how much they love my stories, how much they have meant to them (no one really tells me this at home on a regular basis).

#4. The Question and Answer sessions--when I get asked a question I've never been asked; something that makes me look at my work in a new way.

#3. When I am there, I always remember why I do what I do: the power of story and the written word.

#2. Friendships. Not much more I need to say about that. Old ones. New ones. Every kind!

#1. Because I'm around people who care as much as I do about books, story and the written word. What can be better than this, really?

Those are my brief reasons WHY I 'do' these festivals. Let me hear from you -- why do you 'come' to these book festivals (email me at [email protected]) and I'll post your reasons with mine.

And if you love books and don't come to these festivals -- you're missing out on all the fun. Come on out to the Decatur Book Festival. I'm speaking with the brilliant Daniel Wallace (Big Fish author), and you can pretend you came to see me even if you only came to hear him read and talk. Listening to (and reading) Daniel Wallace is like having your heart emptied and filled in the same breath. And he'll make you laugh. Guaranteed. They have a stellar lineup of authors, events, readings, musicians, and poets. Ahhhhh.......perfect way to spend Labor Day weekend in Hotlanta.

Friday, August 8, 2008


This weekend is the Dahlonega Literary Festival.
Dahlonega, Georgia that is.

There are some wonderful authors coming.
Come see us! If you don't, you'll miss all the fun....
Go here for more information and calendar.

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