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Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the Love of Words

I know. I know. I haven't "blogged" in quite a while. I get the emails, and I'm sorry.
I am finishing next summer's book -- DRIFTWOOD SUMMER -- and, as usual, the final stages of a book have consumed me.

During this time, I often must explain to my family and friends why I have disappeared, become a hermit within my words and story. I say how much I love words and putting them together. But nothing explains this better than my ten year old son and the exchange we had two days ago.

He comes to me with his adorable face and missing teeth and ten year old voice and says, "Mom, I've heard this word on TV a few times. It is the best word -- the way it sounds and the way it feels when you say it."

My response? "Huh?" But inside I'm thinking, "On TV? This can not be good."

"Anyway," he says, with an eye roll at my inane reply. "I think I am going to try to use this word a lot. I used it with my coach today and he laughed."

"Great," I say. "Can I ask what the word is?"

"It's really fun. Ready?"

I nod and hold my breath -- I mean, really, he's already said it to his coach.


"That," I say, "Is an awesome word."

"Isn't it? It sounds funny and feels funny to say it."

I hug him.

This is it -- this is where the love of words begins and how much fun is that?


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