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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jefferson, Texas

Today I'm somewhere I've never been before (that's not saying lot as I'm not some kind of world traveler). Jefferson, Texas. I flew into Shreveport, LA (beautiful from the sky), and then drove an hour or so across rolling hills and farms to Jefferson, Texas. This is a town that looks more like a movie set than a real place. The square with the statue; the white church steeples; the river with the covered bridge; the brick streets. Amazing. 
My favorite new thing I've learned so far: Texas has a day speed limit. And  night speed limit. I get so bored on the road alone that I wondered this: What is the speed limit during twilight -- that shimmery time between day and night?
My favorite new food this week so far: Cornbread Sandwich from Kitt's Kornbread Sandwich and Pie Bar. Yes, I also had the Coconut Buttermilk Pie. 
And tonight I finally get to meet the famous Pulpwood Queen Kathy Louise Patrick.
I in a Bed and Breakfast where the owner has a dog named Money-Penny and a son named Atticus.
These are things you can't make up.
And these are good days....
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy....
Tell me -- does it look real or don't you expect Sandra Bullock to come strolling out of the Five and Dime?


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