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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On The Road

Yep, the book was released today -- DRIFTWOOD SUMMER that is. You'd think I write books to have parties -- because that's all I've been doing the past three days -- celebrating. You see, we as authors spend most of our time alone in a room typing. And typing. And staring at a computer screen hoping that the story we see is the story that we write. 
And then we walk out into the light of day where readers hold our book in their hand; we celebrate! (before we go back into our office alone to do it again and again).
These past three days have been amazing -- and I have to hit the road again in an hour, so I'll tell you a few of my favorite moments.
--An old patient of mine (I was a pediatric nurse, and then a research nurse) came to my launch party in Norcross. It's been thirty years since I last saw him.  He read an article about me. When I asked how in the world he remembered me, he said, "I saw your picture and felt a jabbing pain in my hand." (I once put an IV in this man's hand once a month). I'm still smiling about that one.
--My dearest college friends, Cate, Laura and Beth ALL came to see me. Of course I'm still smiling.
--I discovered I'm the launch book for a new book club. How very cool.
--My son turned 11 years old on my release date (June 2nd). Almost a double birthday -- in a way.

More stories to come.
Thank you so much for supporting my work. And me.


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