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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So I thought....

Those are champagne bottles we are holding!

God Bless Linda Brown from Milestone Books for being there with me!

I really thought today was shaping up to be the WORST DAY ever of book tour. (Read below from earlier this morning). When a day starts out like that, how could it possibly end? Really -- when you start out at 4AM with a stolen GPS and a late flight, how good can it get?

And that is what is so great, so fun, so amazing about life and its turns. This is why I love a good story -- because just when you think it is as dark as it can get; just when you think you can't take one more minute of ANY of this == light bursts through.

At five o-clock today my agent -- the amazing Kimberly Whalen --- calls my cell phone while I am at Milestone Books. I almost don't answer because after my book signing I must go back to the airport to find my LOST luggage. But I answer and she is hollering into the phone. The good kind of hollering.

DRIFTWOOD SUMMER hit the NYT Bestseller list.

I don't believe her. This is what kind of day it has been -- I don't believe her. I think she has read the list wrong. Or is delusional. Or I am.

But it's true. And I am dizzy with happy.

Truly amazing.

Is this real?

It is -- so I make a complete fool of myself in front of my friend Linda (who owns and runs Milestone Books in Birmingham, Alabama -- GREAT STORE). And then we go out and celebrate....


Blogger Jeannie said...

hi, this is remember, jeannie the diva with the mani/pedi who came in late to the Bookmark in Atlantic Beach, FL? the spoiled older sister Jeannie, according to her younger brother - that Jeannie? i really enjoyed meeting you the store; you are a wonderful speaker and i loved hearing all about your experiences writing and being published, etc. i hate to say that i'd not been familiar with your books but now having met you, i will pick them up. shall i start with your NYT bestseller? yes, i think that would be a great choice! congrats on that and i hope the rest of your tour goes well. i'm sure you're well received wherever you go.

Blogger paige said...

congratulations on making the best seller list!!
i love your work & i love your covers ( i wrote about you today & your fab covers!!)
happy summer
can't wait to read driftwood summer


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