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Friday, October 15, 2010

First Week

I'm sitting in Charleston at a friend's house (and let me say this: Charleston in the fall is almost too beautiful to bear) having a bit (well, more than a bit) of champagne, celebrating this amazing week. We, as writers, spend most of our time (as we should) alone with our words and then we are thrown into the big, wide world and we get to see what people think about our words. And this week, I have been blessed greatly with the people, stories, love and kindness of both friends and strangers.

After the launch party in Atlanta, I then went to NY with my mom, dad, sisters, daughter, niece and family best friend for a NY launch. Amazing. Seriously amazing. Much thanks to Kensington Papers, my amazing publicists, Elena and Tanya, my webmaster, Erin, Womrath Books and of course mostly, the readers and friends who came to the party. OH, and my sister, Jeannie who organized the most PERFECT party!

Now I am in Charleston and just left the esteemed Litchfield Books luncheon. What an enriching group of women! They give so much more to me than my "talk" could ever give them. I left inspired and smiling.

Still smiling...

Still smiling...



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