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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hearing Stories

I am home now -- for the briefest twenty-four hours. But home is home.
This has been an amazing week. And I am never sure how to express my gratitude to all the readers, friends, family, booksellers, and people who make the effort to come see me!
Here is the beautiful part of the week -- I went out there to tell my story, and to my beautiful and wonderful surprise, I heard the most awe-inspiring stories from those I met. From the precious woman who drove in her RV with her three bassett hounds to the woman I sat next to at lunch who raised her grandson and made the entire table cry. I didn't so much tell my story as absorb stories.

For fun: Here are a few pictures to give the smallest taste of joy.
The first is my family of Callahan Women. My mom, both my sisters and my daughter (the boys are my nephews and they might be the most adorable kissable faces known to earth). Then there is the picture of my dad and daughter. Then the most extraordinary publicists, Elena and Tanya from Wunderkind who came out to my NY party. Then my three children, forced to smile for the camera. My sister-from-another-mother Tara Mahoney getting my grateful kiss.

More pictures soon.
Now: recuperation.

Once again, my extreme gratitude. I am overwhelmed in a very good way!


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