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Monday, October 4, 2010

Party Time

The thing about being a novelist is that I think many of us have split personalities -- my friend and writer, Ad Hudler, once told me this. "We're all schizophrenic." When I vehemently disagreed, he might have proved me wrong. "You see," he said. "We are writers in private and then when we get in public we're authors."
It's true. The writer in me is private and alone in my office trying to find the just-right word and simultaneously battling the demons of laziness and email/facebook checking so I can fashion a story out of the confusion in my head. The author in me just wants a good party, just wants to hang out and talk about writing and stories and books and....well, anything really.
So after over a year of hiding in my writing-world, I'm going to party (Well, not like 1982, but party I will).

Next Monday, we'll celebrate the release of THE PERFECT LOVE SONG: A HOLIDAY STORY. See the invitation attached here! Please come and have a glass of champagne and just have fun!

Every day this week, I'll post one surprise about the party.
But today, get started on this: If you've ever wanted to be a songwriter -- go to my contest page and hear all about the songwriting contest with Dallas Davidson judging!!


Blogger Ad Hudler said...

That's not EXACTLY what I said, Patti, but I'll forgive you! Seriously, best of luck with the book launch. And have a great party.


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