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Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Little Girl in this picture had best friends -- books. She imagined a million worlds, but the one world she could not have imagined was a world where she couldn't read, a world where stories books and words were just letters. (Yes, that is the very young and very naive Patti)

Literacy Council: those are two words I wish we didn't need to put next to one another. But we do need a Literacy Council. Desperately we need a Literacy Council.

A few months ago I moved to Birmingham, Alabama. After eighteen years of raising my own children in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, my idea of a "Literacy Council" was me reading to my kids and teaching them to decipher the letters that turned into words, which turned into sentences, which in their best form, turned into stories. Literacy was expected. Literacy was a road map to all the stories in the world, to all the information they would ever need.

Last week, I went out to lunch with two brilliant women -- Beth Wilder and Missy Burchart -- who help run the Birmingham Literacy Council. I heard statistics that not only stunned me, but also broke my heart. I won't quote those statistics here - but you can read them at

One of their fundraisers is a beautiful event called the SIGNATURE SERIES and I am humbled to have been asked to be their speaker for the December event.

So, although it sounds like this is all about me and a party (you do know I love a good party), it's really not about me at all -- it's about the 92,00 adults in Central Alabama who can't read.

Really, if you are anywhere near Birmingham on December 7th -- please join us for this gorgeous party. The Oberman Family on Southwood Drive in Mountain Brook have generously and wonderfully donated their home for this intimate party on a Wednesday night.

For more information, call Missy Buchart 205-326-1925, or email her at [email protected]

Tickets go on sale November 25th, but you can call earlier to reserve those tickets. There are only 150 tickets and almost half of those go to season ticket holders, so jump on it!

So two sentences I am thrilled go together.
Literacy Council PLUS Intimate Party = Wonderful.


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